I created as the bachelor thesis project for my last year in the university college Artesis Plantijn in Antwerp. This web application was made to easily calculate a price for a “WordPress” websites based on various inputs provided by the user and thus the potentially client.

More than 10 weeks of development went into this as a big part of the creation of this web application was not only developing it in a very new JavaScript framework for me, being: VueJS 2.0, but also the more than six weeks of research and enquêtes to be able to make a proper median price range as of lowest and highest possible prices for the various attributes in this application.

With a very in depth research, a pretty interesting and fast JavaScript framework, proper caching & compression and as last but also very importantly security, I made and finished which I can truly say I am very proud of to have made for my bachelor thesis.

I do want to give a big shout out to my expert for this project José “Yogensia” who really helped me decide on various important parts to get this job done. With his insight I also made Calculo even better than what I personally could have ever dreamed for.

As it is written in VueJS it can also be very easily adjusted for future changes with prices or adding of additional features that are required, with that I am also allowing other people make use of it and even white label it under CC-BY-SA-4.0, you are free to check out the GitHub repository here:

I am very glad to have made this web application to easily calculate the prices for WordPress websites and if you are interested to know how much a website might cost you, feel free to check out and calculate your own website at:

Calculo Webpage