Previous Work

This is a small compilation of some of my older works which are still widely used as skins in the various games they were created for!

Ice Star

The Ice Star was created for the Source game called: Blade Symphony as a replacement for the shuriken and can be downloaded as a playable skin here on Gamebanana!

Mang in Graz Deluxe

The Mang in Graz De Luxe is a  percussion pistol created for the Historical Weapon Contest and won 2nd place!

This antithetic percussion pistol will bring you back in time when the pirates conquered the seven seas. Now brought back on the battlefield by the terrorists this one shot pistol can instant kill your enemy but beware the range of this weapon isn't from modern times so make sure you're close to your enemy before you pull the trigger!

You can download it over at Gamebanana as a mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | Fallout: New Vegas

Model by: Corvalho

Homemade Zip-Gun

A Traditional Homemade Zip-Weapon created from Old Rusty Pipe's.
This release contains a Compiled version for both Counter-Strike:Source and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive!

Model by Shiro Itami


In the year 2065 a new type of grenade has been created that uses Magnetic Fields to generate its power output.

This type of grenade was called the HydraGrenade as it could mimic all kinds of grenades! The design was originally created by a young student that was just experimenting with different kinds of magnetic fields for a contest called The Original Weapon Contest and won 2nd place!

This design later fell into the wrong hands and was transformed in this very unique and handy death tool.

You can download it for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Fusion Grenade

The Fusion grenade presented at the 268th edition of the European Weapon Expo was a total success!

Created after the fantastic concept by SkyppySDK and presented by Rafaël De Jongh & Remus!

This grenade was fastly accepted for use in military operations and also in huge favour for terrorist activities and today it's brought to you in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!


The GIMNade is a very confusing piece of Technology made by the Engineers named Rafaël De Jongh and Remus for the Oddity Contest.

It was first crafted to be a pocket Time Traveller Device with its Super Magnetic Fields. But the experimental Nade travelled back in time while testing to the year 2020 where the nade was discovered by NASA.

The government found data about this Nade and directly began to reverse engineer the GimNade. There they discovered that it had much potential in the Battle Field where the Super Magnetic Fields could be used to create a very big explosion.

After the first tests on the Battlefield the nade landed in the wrong hands of the Terrorists were now both sides are using the grenade for victory.

This skin can be downloaded for Counter-Strike:Source

Btooom BIM's

A set of five BIM Grenades from the Anime series Btooom!

You can download these models at Gamebanana if you want to experiment with them yourself!


This is the Zangetsu based upon the anime series Bleach and is now a playable skin for Skyrim! Download it at Gamebanana | Steam

The Elucidator

The Elucidator from the anime series Sword Art Online now brought into Skyrim! You can download it over at Gamebanana | Nexus | Steam

Follett's Twodent

A dark mage called Follet created this unique double bladed dagger which was originally bestowed upon the dragonborn, however it fell into the wrong hands of Hermaeus Mora who turned the magical dagger into something fearsome and unknown to the outside world. The dragonborn later discovered Follet's twodent in the lost depths of Apocrypha. After his return to Skyrim, he taught his fellow man how to create this excellent dagger like any other Ebony class weapon.

This is a playable skin for Skyrim and can be downloaded on Gamebanana | Steam

Model by 4Echo