O Concept Store

O Concept Store is my first Web Shop build with WordPress and WooCommerce.
This pop-up store wanted to advertise a unique brand called O'bags to the Belgian market, where they wanted to providing their products on a web store, which they reached out to me.

Here I dived in completely in the world of E-Commerce and everything that was related to it, experimenting with the whole set of WooCommerce tools and plugins, as well as optimising it and securing it properly.
I personally was in luck as at this moment, I also had a school assignment that was diving into WooCommerce and E-Commerce with WordPress, so combining this request together with the assignment was superb, especially since at the end of the assignment the web store already sold more than 20 bags, not only in Belgium but various countries in Europe! 

So with this first web store I sure was quite glad to what it came to, sadly not much later the brand disallowed small self sustained retail stores to sell their products which concluded that the pop-up store and the webshop had to be closed down. Luckily I came up with an alternative for their store to use it as a sort of drop shipping web store, that would sell various similar kind products yet from other brands.

And this is what eventually became of O Concept Store, my first and gladly not my last e-commerce experience! 
So if you're looking for unique and lovely bags and other accessories then make sure to head over to www.oconceptstore.be