Dierick Dental Care

Dierick Dental Care is a Belgian dentist company which provides state of the art dentistry with their international team of passionate dentists.
DDCare contacted me out of the blue to refurbish their old website and with a main focus on mobile responsiveness, but to still keep true to their original design and content.

So with a lightweight theme and a design in hand I transformed their once fully HTML build website in a one page WordPress website!
The fun challenge on this website was to have a very dynamic team based plugin which could provide enough information of the dentists and assistants without too much configuration.

So all in all it was a fun project to recreate an already build website and make it more modern and responsive, if you're searching for a good dentists in Belgium, Brasschaat then give Dierick Dental Care a call!

More information about the company can be found on: www.ddcare.be

Dierick Dental Care Website