Nendo Addicts is a new multi functional website with a big focus on blogging and an online catalogue with a Point Of Sale back-end system.

Nendo Addicts is there to reuniting Nendoroid fans since 2010. And this site is created to specially announce their upcoming events that where they will be attending, and what they have to offer on these conventions.

The challenge of this website was to have an online catalogue of products without it being a webshop as the back-office would function as a Point Of Sale (POS) system, this time opting into a different POS system for WooCommerce as the base of this online catalogue and POS remains WooCommerce for WordPress.

All in all it was a fun experience, and also a quite a learn full one, as I discovered a range of new hooks that I had to use to transform a normal webshop into a proper online catalogue. Lots of new web hooks and code was therefore written, to not only make the website properly secure but also super fast to even speeds of sub 500ms loading times!

So if you are an anime, manga and figurine fan in the Benelux and go to anime or comic conventions, feel free to check out to see which event they will attend to next!

After a good year Nendo Addicts managed to get everything set up and ready to open up their catalogue as a full fledged webshop. Read more about the revamp of the Nendo Addicts website here!

Nendo Addicts Web