Nendo Addicts Webshop

Just a bit over a year ago Nendo Addicts contacted me with a challenge to create a catalogue only website, which you can read more about that here, this was a very interesting and fun challenge as I would later use a Point Of Sale system attached to this catalogue for easy access and usability for the various conventions Nendo Addicts were attending.

Now they were finally ready to switch over to a full fledged Webshop and as they really liked the original design, I therefore build everything around that design, but with lots of improvements in the appearance but also in the back-end and speed optimisation of things. This to make it a really great experience not only for the users as a webshop but also for the owner to manage his website and his orders. will now be providing every product in their catalogue for a wide variety of European countries, with a good set of shipping couriers and payment options.

With that Nendo Addicts is specialised in Nendoroids and other figures imported directly from Japan you can really see how much care and thought the owner put into it to create not only the best possible means of having affordable Japanese Anime and Manga figures in Europe but also to provide them to its customers.

So if you are now looking for great, rare and very affordable Nendoroids, Figmas, Scale Figures or pretty much anything else from Japan, then you should certainly check out | The Webshop For Your Favourite Anime & Manga Merch!

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