From the 6th of February till the 23rd of March 2017, I have been an intern at the online software company Beeple. In the six weeks of my internship my main assignment was to rebuild the business WordPress website of Beeple. This assignment was for me quite interesting, especially as I had to work with new people in a small team. 

Rowan van Ekeren was a great support and colleague for these six weeks, as he also had a great knowledge regarding WordPress and Web Development in general.

The project itself was quite large, as it required various custom functions and features, where various custom plugins and new content had to be written. The 110 pages that had to be created, had to be customised individually with a Page-builder, fit for having multilingual support, properly tuned for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), tracking and Online Marketing.

Therefore a lot of time has gone into the creation of, but in the end the whole project was completed with a greatly improved website, that was perfectly tuned  in terms of optimisation, caching and which has a loading speed of less than two seconds!  

Feel free to take a look at their new website, and of course at their own Online Management tool Beeple

The Beeple Website